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Protective equipmentcondenser ice machine
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First, the security features
l three consecutive cycles without ice off the ice detection side, this series machine automatically shut down.
l When the ambient temperature exceeds a predetermined temperature, this series will automatically shut down (except for water-cooled machine).
l file when no condensation water cooled machine, it will automatically shut down for about a minute.
Note: This series machine once the shutdown, only artificial re-open the power switch or unplug and then plug in, you can re-ice.

Second, the condenser maintenance

Condenser due to the periodic cleaning, otherwise it will lead to reduced amounts of ice and malfunction.
l with a mild soap or detergent to clean the filter, to ensure that no dust or stolen goods mesh blockage, according to the quality of the environment, general Jan-Feb cleaning.
l Use a soft brush to clean the condenser from the top fin, do not brush around, so as not to bend the fins.
l If there is oil on the condenser fins, you can use a certain proportion of special cleansers.
Note: The condenser maintenance at least once every six months, clean when not to bend the fins, if found to have bent curved fins to re-alignment, the fins are very sharp. Be careful not to scratch, after the filter clean to properly reset. Known figure:

Third, the power of the installation

l Is the power provided is consistent with the subject on the machine nameplate (220V50Hz or 380V50Hz).
l Power sowing should head directly into the power off seat with the ground wire, can not be inserted in the temporary wiring board. All wiring must comply with national or regional standards.
l voltage fluctuations not exceeding ± 10% of rated voltage, or to install the regulator.
Ground l This series machine must meet electrical standards.

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