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How to use the freezer is more power?
Release Time:2015-08-18 09:25:48 Click Browse:Times

Thrift is the Chinese traditional virtues of the summer, our family more and more frequent use of the refrigerator, how to use the refrigerator more energy, you know? Here to give us some tips for saving refrigerator.
First, placement
Most families have not noticed the refrigerator near heat sources and direct sunlight place, but the refrigerator ventilation conditions are often inadequate attention. In fact, the efficiency of ventilation and cooling relations are quite large. The experimental contrast, at least 22% energy saving. Under the conditions permit, the back of the refrigerator away from the wall 20 cm (winter closer to the wall), will receive an immediate saving effect.
Second, often dust
The back of the condenser is easy to accumulate dust on the kitchen refrigerator condenser will be attached to the oil. This is equivalent to the heat sink covered with a layer of "quilt" is not conducive to heat dissipation. Therefore, the condenser is best to scrub two or three months time.
Third, the door seal intact
Sticky tape on the door seal with debris should be promptly removed, but not wipe with alcohol or oils, door seal tape quality is good or bad, is one of the key refrigerator refrigeration efficiency.
Fourth, reduce door
Experiment shows that sustained the door one minute each, consumption increased by nearly 0.01 degrees, and increases the compressor work for 5 minutes. Two-door refrigerator only open one door each, less heat exchange. Inspired by the two-door refrigerator, you can add the septum curtain on a single door refrigerator, with a plastic film (or cotton) in front of each respective layer curtain can be hung. After opening the refrigerator door, take the food which layer, which layer curtain lift, so much less heat exchange. Perennial In this way, there will be a significant energy saving effect.
Fifth, the correct laying should remain some gaps between the food and the tank wall, so that convection.
Let secret code such as food, lower food are often not sufficiently low temperature, will inevitably have to choose a strong cold temperatures adjustable stop times, so that both the costs of electricity, the compressor starts and frequently, reducing the life of the compressor, but frozen food can not be too small, empty refrigerator heat exchange with the outside world very fast, but also detrimental to power.
Sixth, select the temperature
To select the temperature reasonable. For storage of vegetables, eggs, ham, refrigerator temperature between 2-5 ℃, its effects are similar, but 2 ℃ compared with the 5 ℃, both the power consumption difference of about 20%. In the summer, put the refrigerator compartment rapidly consume cold drinks, fruits, just to keep the temperature at 6-8 ℃ can, freezer tone at -12 ℃ still make fresh food more than in January, and saving 25% In general, the freezer temperature is not higher than 8 ℃, freezer no more than -6 ℃. With the above measures will greatly reduce the power consumption.
Seven, then load the preparation of cold soft drinks, should be in the evening or early morning, when the low ambient temperature, it can power.
Eight food grain bagging vegetables, fruits should be packed in plastic bags and then into the refrigerator to avoid water evaporation caused freezer frost, lower cooling effect, while fresh.
Nine, timely defrost freezer covered with frost, heat transfer can be hampered, generally up to 5 mm thick frost, it should be defrosted. Such as electric, manual can.
Ten, note the use of the power supply voltage in the refrigerator between 180-230 volts.

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